Every time you need plumbing, call our plumbers Johannesburg for top-notch installation, repair and maintenance, performed by skilled professionals. We are fully trained and very experienced in delivering a range of professional plumbing services, including installation, repair and maintenance. When booking us you will receive first class services at a competitive rate.

Our services are very well known across the local area, and we have many satisfied clients. Every emergency plumber on our team has the know-how and expertise to successfully resolve the plumbing problems of your property. We deliver excellent customer service and have received many positive comments, some are published on our testimonials page.

Our team members are available for bookings Six days a week and in the evenings for the same price.

We will bring along the necessary tools to have the plumbing job done promptly and efficiently.

You can choose from a variety of plumbing services, including installation, maintenance and repairs


Our plumbers are the right choice for every plumbing need of your property, from fixing loose tabs to unblocking internal wall pipes. And we’ll do it without breaking the bank! With us you can choose from a range of services, including:

Installation and replacement – from sink and basin replacement to wet room and bathroom installation

Unblocking – baths, internal pipes, urinals and more

Repairs – from mending faulty toilet flush mechanisms to dripping U-bends

Professional plumbers in CAPE TOWN are just a phone call away, so call 073 625 5637 now and enjoy expert services on a budget! Our friendly customer care team will offer you free quotes on you property, 24/7.

Handymen Johannesburg can help in all kind of plumbing works:

How to Fix Sinks, Tubs, and Drains?

All plumbing comes down to pipes and the fixtures that let water in from those pipes and take water back out. Tackle clogs, flow problems, leaks, and other woes that afflict your plumbing system.

How to Fix a Toilet?

A broken toilet can cause great distress in the household. Find relief with the advice in this article, including instructions on removing clogs, replacing the seat, and correcting flushing problems.

How To Fix Pipes?

Some plumbing problems are located beyond the fixtures. To get at troublesome pipes, follow these instructions to locate and solve the problem yourself.

Plumbing Troubleshooting?

Often the first step in making plumbing repairs is correctly identifying the problem in the first place. These charts list a variety of common plumbing problems, which will help you take the right steps to get your pipes working again.

Looking to make repairs in other parts of the house? Check out Handymen Johannesburg .

We are Master Plumbers, Gas fitters & Drain layers servicing all areas of the Johannesburg . Handymen Johannesburg can assist with all your plumbing works including plumbing repairs, roofing, drain laying, drainage, new roofing installations, heating, new plumbing Installations, plumbing maintenance, pipelines, water mains, faulty hot water cylinders, bathroom renovations, kitchen alterations, overflowing toilets, gas appliance Installations, roof leaks, spouting, down pipes, drainage repairs, drain unblocking.


From simple repairs to renovation projects, we can save you time and money. Many people today are always on the go, which means they do not want to spend their few free moments working in the bathroom. Let us take care of these jobs for you so you are able to enjoy a little less stress in your life.

We have the experience to guide you through your bathroom project to help you decide exactly what you need, saving you the time and frustration. We listen to your ideas and goals to update and improve your bathroom

  • Fixing a toilet
  • Installing towel racks
  • Replacing faucets
  • Tile installation
  • Exhaust fan repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Caulking
  • Replacing silicone
  • Water Heater Fixing
  • Washing Machine Installation
  • Dish Washer Fixing
  • Cooking Range Fixing & Installation
  • Tap Leak Fixing
  • Water Heater Leak Fixing & Repairing
  • Kitchen Accessories Installation & Repairing
  • Bath Accessories Installation & Repairing
  • Bathroom Shower Door Installation
  • Grouting or Re Grouting
  • Silicon Sealant
  • Running Toilet Flush Tank
  • Leaking Flush Tank


We Handle Even The Simplest of Jobs

One of the most common bathroom services that we provide is caulking. We use the caulk as a type of sealant, or glue around the corners of the bathroom tile to keep water from leaking out all over the floor, which can lead to mildew and other damage. Water has a talent for finding its way into caulking leaks where it can wreak havoc.

Our professionals have a great deal of experience with caulking. Caulking will be completed properly around the tub, shower and toilet to keep your bathroom floor dry. When we are done, your bathroom will not only be beautifully sealed in all the right places, but you will be protected from mildew and harmful bacteria as well.

We Get It Done Right

The scope of the bathroom services that we provide goes well beyond caulking. We also repair drywall, install grout and tile, install and repair fixtures, repair toilets, replace and repair faucets, install towel racks and safety bars and repair and install exhaust fans. Bathrooms are generally quite damp. Such dampness combined with the occasional water leaks can lead to a wide array of problems for a home or business owner. Such problems can go unnoticed by someone with an untrained eye. Without the necessary maintenance and upgrades, a bathroom can become a dangerous environment.

We will be able to access your problem and determine the extent of any damage when you call for your free estimate. Our skilled professionals will be able to take care of any necessary repairs and installations efficiently in order to prevent the occurrence of further damage to your bathroom.

Stress Free Maintenance

Could your bathroom use a facelift? Are your fixtures stained and your grout dark? Is water leaking out from around the caulking? Do you have a running faucet or a broken toilet? These are just a few of the bathroom services that we offer.

However, we understand that every job is different from the next; therefore, we provide our customers with free estimates. This gives us the opportunity to discuss with you the work that needs to be done and allows you to give your approval on all pricing before the job is started.

It makes no difference at all if you need all of the tile in your shower replaced or if you just need someone to come in to hang that new towel rack you have had stashed in the cabinet for the past few years.

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