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At Sandton Jobbing Services And  Maintenance we believe that you deserve spending time with your family, enjoying a beautiful home with well-manicured gardens and a pristine pool. We believe that spending time with your family is far more important than fixing things around the house, mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool. We believe that time spent on the things that really matter are far more rewarding than performing the mundane tasks that coincide with owning a home. We believe that taking care of your property is a privilege and your asset should be maintained to secure future income and not become a liability. That is why we are passionate about fixing your home, servicing your garden and cleaning your pool, allowing you to enjoy every moment with your family. We pride ourselves in our service and our customers’ satisfaction. Why not give yourself the time to do what you love and allow us to do what we love. Call us today for all your handyman, pool cleaning and garden services requirements. This is our passion, what is yours? Sandton Jobbing Services And  Maintenance – your handyman, pool and garden services in Centurion East and surrounds. We are committed to service excellence. Contact us to get your free quote, or even just for advice. Our Mission – Sandton Jobbing Services And  Maintenance takes great pride in being a one-stop shop for all home and office maintenance with our quality of service, peace of mind and affordable pricing we provide to our clients. Our tailor-made offers are customised according to our client’s needs and budget. The delight of our clients is our pride

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Though you can manage some trivial plumbing works when it comes to long-term results and complex plumbing works, it is important to hire professionals who can provide you with comprehensive solutions with fully equipped vehicles. Plumbing related home maintenance services in Dubai include repairing water pumps, dripping faucets, any leakages, any pipe or fitting related problems such as dishwasher, washing machine malfunctioning and many others. You will also get eco-friendly plumbing installations to encourage water conservation.

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Electrical Wiring and Repair

You should not take any kind of risks when it comes to repairing electrical appliances. Flipping fuses off and on may sound easier but revamping the whole wiring setup is very critical and you should hire a team of professional and expert home maintenance services providers to resolve all such challenges. This includes inspection of main and sub DB panels, breakers to scrutinize proper voltage and operations of status bulbs. We issue certificates of compliance for all our work and we also do electrical wiring evaluations.

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AC Repair and Maintenance Services

We do all Air Con (AC) new fitments, maintenance and repair services should be done by professionals as it involves a lot of complexities. Experts will provide great quality services to any AC related problems such as coil freezing up, hot air blow instead of cool, improper airflow, high electricity consumption, compressor not working properly and so on. Talk to us today to make sure you have a fresher home or office environment. We work all over South Africa. We would love to be of services to you and your company or family.



One Stop Solution for all your Home Maintenance Services

Home Maintenance is the most succesful service one can provide and for providing this service one needs all the assests and all the service providers. Sandton Jobbing Services is one stop solution for all the basic home maintenance requirements which one needs. Sandton Jobbing Services – A Johannebsurg based home maintenance & repair service provider, Enables you to finds trusted and skilled service providers to handle your requests-when you want it and at prices offers you can afford with free to choose best offer for you. Let Sandton Jobbing Services help you with your home needs!+ We provide various services, Some of our most trusted services are AC repair and maintenance, Electrical services, Plumbing services, Paint services, Pest control services and many others.

Sandton Jobbing Services

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Sandton Jobbing Services

Our vision is to become undisputed market leader of building maintenance & Technical Services across SA

clearview fencing

Truly good looking palisade fencing with all the attributes for powerful protection. Great for keeping your premises secure whilst still allowing you freedom. Palisade fencing is available in standard heights of 2m, 2.4m and 3m, it is recommended not to use bolted palisade as the strength can be compromised. Sandton Jobbing Services believes that the fully welded palisade fence using only 40 x 40 angle iron offers superior strength and quality as compared to the cheaper 30 x 30 angle fences. Wall Top Palisade can also be erected at any height often between 500 and 1000 mm above the wall top. Electric fencing works well in conjunction with Palisade fencing. It is important to remember that should you have an open veld, Golf Course or river near you, you require a Palisade fence with a full Electric Fence from the ground up is also erected to prevent undetected penetration of the perimeter.

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aims to provide complete property maintenance, our team of dedicated, specialized and trained technicians thrive to provide Quality service ensuring customer’s satisfaction.

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Sandton Jobbing Services

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we install and mount your tv professionally

A common problem for TV owners is where and how to mount a large flat screen television in a room with limited space and with the ideal mounting position already taken by a dressing table or cupboard. This is often further complicated by having no power socket or aerial point close to where the TV can be mounted. Fortunately, we carry a wide range of TV wall mount brackets which allow your television to be mounted in a corner and then swivelled 45 degrees or any angle needed to face your bed or favourite chair, and if it’s necessary to mount your television high up near the ceiling to get above your dressing table, the TV bracket can tilt so the TV screen is perpendicular (flat) to your line of sight. Where the power socket is too far we can run an extension cord and neatly attach it to the skirting board and running signal cable anywhere is not a problem for us. We can then hide unsightly cables in trunking (tubes) to keep your home looking neat and tidy. We take care to find where your pipes and electrical cables run before we drill holes and we catch the dust from drilling and wire offcuts so you don’t have to clean up behind us.

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